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Brief Profile of the Awardee


Dr Ashwin Anil Gumaste

  • 2018
  • Engineering Sciences
  • 03/09/1975
  • Telecommunication Networks
Award Citation:

Dr Gumaste has made outstanding contributions to the development of endto-end carrier-class networking solutions and Carrier Ethernet Switch Routers which are deployed extensively in national infrastructure.

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The nominee has over 19-years of experience as a researcher in the field of telecommunication networks with international experience at Cisco Systems and Fujitsu laboratories of America, where he designed a Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer – the Flashwave 7500 for which he has 18 US patents. Subsequently, the nominee at IIT Bombay worked on indigenous technologies. The nominee focused on a difficult problem – that of providing an indigenous solution towards a network architecture across the multiple layers of the telecom stack. To this end, the nominee proposed the Omnipresent Ethernet (OE) framework that was first published at OFC 2009, as a postdeadline paper (ranked the highest in the conference of over 400 papers), and then as two journal articles in the prestigious IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology. The OE concept was then developed into a prototype and funded by then DIETY as well as DAE. The nominee and a team of 5 Ph.D. students developed a series of three telecom products – spanning the entire realm of the telecom landscape from the core to the last-mile. The patented products were unique in the sense that they collapsed Ashwin Gumaste, IIT Bombay Page 8 of 190 the entire telecom stack from layer 1-4 in a single ubiquitous layer. The products called Carrier Ethernet Switch Routers were commercialized through ECIL and is the largest TOT for IIT Bombay. The work behind these products entailed designing 3 PCBs of 18 layers using FR-4 material catering to 100Gbps lines and create a VHDL based FPGA code for the hardware and a network management system (NMS) using 50K lines of Java code. The product was first deployed in MTNL’s data-center in 2011 and these data-centers have recently bagged (a) tier-3 certification and (b) won the city surveillance project in Mumbai. The products have been deployed in several DAE installations, as successful commercial trials in Railtel, NKN and several other providers. Journal articles describing the uniqueness of the technology have appeared in 2014 and 2015 in IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, IEEE Journal of Optical communication networks as well as top conferences such as ICC, Globecom 2014 (where it was declared as best of Globecom award) and several times at OFCs over the last few years. In between, the nominee has consulted with Comcast in the US and Tata in India and both collaborations have led to a new network design and planning. Recently, the nominee assembled a second team and built a terabit transport cross connect – a router based on the principle of Software Defined Networking principles. This complicated platform was built entirely using FPGAs (no ASICs were used) making the entire system indigenous and suitable for trustworthy certification. The heart of the platform was a 12x10G port IO card and a 500Gbps switching card (both using FPGAs and built on a 20 layer board that was designed indigenously). In addition to the hardware, an in-house Python based NMS was developed for controlling, authentication, management and provisioning of the network.
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Applied The nominee works in the area of telecommunication networks and had consistently designed new products and technologies as well as produced a large number of peer-reviewed papers in leading journals and conferences.
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Contact Details

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
    Mumbai - 400076
    Maharashtra INDIA
  • ashwing[at]ieee[dot]org
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